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Dr. Katelin has Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique, which has been proven through research, to be one of the most specific, scientific chiropractic techniques in the world. Torque Release Technique is the first chiropractic technique of the new millennium and provides members of all ages with the most gentle reproducible chiropractic adjustments available. Dr. Katelin uses this technique to find the root cause of your health issues and because of that, gets to see life changing results on a daily basis.

Torque Release Technique has been designed as part of scientific research into the health benefits of chiropractic. It is, in fact, a collaboration of the top seven systems of chiropractic assessment and care. Peer reviewed studies in well-respected psychiatry journals showed astounding results in reducing anxiety and depression levels, as well as improved measurements of well being when Torque Release Technique Chiropractic Adjustments were received. Torque Release Technique was not created for a specific condition, but rather out of random controlled trials for the purpose of elevating the subject’s state of wellbeing and true health potential.

Through the specific analysis, Dr. Katelin can identify where there is nerve interference down to the exact vertebral level. Then apply a gentle and specific force using the Integrator, an adjusting instrument, to realign the spine and remove the interference. This specificity leads to better results and longer lasting effects. While many chiropractors focus on relieving pain in the immediate short term, real correction is intended to allow for long-term improvements. Only through true correction can patients live a full, healthy and happy life of optimal bodily functions.


Our Mission

Our purpose at Radiance Chiropractic is to provide a positive and uplifting experience. Our passion is to serve our community (Greer) through neurologically based chiropractic care. Our focus is to ensure that everyone who walks through our door can live out their God-given potential and to provide a place where your family can begin, grow, and flourish.

Meet Dr. Katelin Carter

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Katelin Carter is a native of Greer. She began chiropractic care in high school due to the toll athletics were taking on her body. After seeing improvements in not only how her body was feeling, but also performing she became passionate about sharing with others how chiropractic care could improve their quality of life. While in chiropractic school she learned about the body’s ability and potential to heal itself and it was this knowledge that encouraged her to bring this care back to her hometown.

Dr. Katelin received her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Sherman College in March 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Sports Science from Coastal Carolina University. Dr. Carter is Advanced Certified in Torque Release Technique.

Dr. Katelin and her husband currently reside in Lyman, South Carolina with their daughter.

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